Karya Nusatama: Jual Constant ISC 2000 Pro Integrated Testing

Jual Constant ISC 2000 Pro Integrated Testing

Constant ISC 2000 Pro  High Precision Integrated Testing & Measuring Unit

    Integrated System Calibrator With 40000 Counts
    True RMS ±0.03% High Accuracy (DCV) Bench Top Testing And Calibrating Unit, High Accuracy Of The DMM Module"
    Ideally Suited For Calibrating Handheld Analog/Digital Multimeters or Other Electrical Voltage/Current Panel Meters
    Widely Used In A Workshop As A Repair Or Service Station For Various Electronics Equipments Or Field Instruments
    With Its Integrated Adjustable And Fixed Power Supply, Frequency Counter And Function Generator Module, The ISC2000 Is Ideally Suited For Students In Electronic Workshop Environments Or Electronic Related Research Projects
Function Range Accuracy Resolution
AC Current 400µA ±(0.8% rdg + 10 dgts) 40Hz ~ 1kHz
4mA 0.1µA
40mA 1µA
400mA 10µA
20A ±(1.0% rdg + 15 dgts) 40Hz ~ 1kHz 1mA
AC Voltage 400mV ±(0.8% rdg + 10 dgts) 40 Hz ~ 1kHz
±(5.0% rdg + 15 dgts) 10kHz ~ 50kHz
4V ±(0.8% rdg + 10 dgts) 40Hz ~ 1kHz
±(5.0% rdg + 15 dgts) 1kHz ~ 20kHz
40V 1mV
400V 10mV
750V ±(1.0% rdg + 10 dgts) 40Hz ~ 1kHz
±(5.0% rdg + 15 dgts) 1kHz ~ 3kHz
DC Current 400µA ±(0.1% + 3 dgts) 0.01µA
4mA 0.1µA
40mA 1µA
400mA 10µA
20A ±(0.5% + 5 dgts) 1mA
DC Voltage 400mV ±(0.03% + 3 dgts) 0.01mV
4V 0.1mV
40V 1mV
400V 10mV
1000V ±(0.06% + 5 dgts) 0.1V
Resistance 400Ω ±(0.1% + 10 dgts) 0.01Ω
4kΩ 0.1Ω
40kΩ ±(0.1% + 5 dgts)
400kΩ 10Ω
4MΩ 100Ω
40MΩ ±(0.5% + 10 dgts) 1kΩ
Diode Test Test current 1mA
Continuity Test Buzzer sound when voltage is less than 80mV at test current 3 mA maximal (resistance < 40Ω)
Logic Test 3 Logic Level (Rdy, Hi, --, Lo)

Frequency Counter
Measuring Range Channel A : 1Hz ~ 20MHz
LED Display depending on gate time and input signal
At least 7 digits are display per each second of gate time
Channel B : 20MHz ~ 2.7GHz
Input Sensitivity Channel A : 40mV RMS Sine Wave for 100mVpp
Channel B : 40mV RMS Sine wave for 20MHz ~ 1.3GHz
or 40mV RMS Sine wave for 1.3MHz ~ 2.7GHz.
Maximum Input Voltage Channel A : 35Vpp
Channel B : 3Vpp
Input Impedance Channel A : 1MΩ
Channel B : 50Ω
Selectable Time Base Channel A and B are switch-selectable

Function Generator
Wave Forms Sine, square, triangle, skewed sine, ramp, pulse, TTL level square
Frequency 1 ~ 10MHz
VCF Voltage Level 0 to 10 VDC
Output Impedance Selectable 50Ω ±10%, 600Ω ±10%
Output Amplitude 2Vpp ~ 20Vpp (open load)
1Vpp ~ 10Vpp (50Ω load)
Sine Wave Distortion less than 1% (at 1kHz)
Square Wave Symmetry less than 1% (at 1kHz)
Rise and fall time less than 150nS (at 1kHz)
Triangle Wave Linearity less than 1% (up to 100kHz), 50% (100k ~ 200MHz)
TTL Output Rise and fall time less than 30nS (at 1kHz)
Output level > 3V

Power Supply
Terminal 1
Terminal 2
Terminal 3
Output Voltage 0 ~ 30V 5V fixed 15V fixed
Output Current 0 ~ 3A 2A 1A
Ripple 1mV max 2mV max 2mV max
Output Current Max 2A/3A 2A (fold back) 2A (fold back)
Display 3½ digits

General Specifications
Power Source 220/240VAC at 50 to 60Hz
Size H6.5 x W14.5 x D12.5inch
Standard Accessories Test Leads, BNC Cable, Power Cable, AC/DC Adapter, R232C Cable with Software, Manual, Constant Certificate

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