Karya Nusatama: Jual Sensor link Ampstick High Voltage Ammeter

Jual Sensor link Ampstick High Voltage Ammeter

    Sample and hold measurements
    and Easily slips on and off the conductor
    Measures 1 to 5000 Amps with ±1% accuracy
    Backlit LCD for Low-light environments
    Measures in low voltage and up to 500 kV
In 1988, SensorLink was approached by a power utility with a request to develop a device that would eliminate the mechanical clamp from measurements of current. An inductive sensor was developed that did not use magnetic materials and had no moving parts. The opening of the sensor is electronically closed and external currents are also electronically rejected. This means that a user can measure an individual conductor within close proximity to adjacent current carrying conductors.

The sensor is not position sensitive, just slip the Ampstik over a conductor and read the LCD. For those applications where the LCD is not visible, with a push of the button the user can put the meter into the hold mode, slip the instrument over the conductor, and then retrieve the instrument to view the measurement from the conductor.

The Ampstik is easy to use and provides accurate information to anyone working with medium and high voltage. It gives line personnel the right answers so they have the ability to make decisions in the field.

The housing of the Ampstiks are made of urethane and built to operate safely even in severe utility environments. They are resistant to shock, water repellent, and unsusceptible to flame. They also operate in a wide temperature environment.

One meter is all that the user will require. The Ampstik measures in every electric utility setting. Its linear current sensors accurately measure loads from 1 amp to 5000 amps, as well as accurately measures in low to high voltage environments of up to 500kV.

    Model 8-020XT Ampstik
    Model 8-022 Wide Jaw True RMS Ampstik Ammeter
    Model 8-023 5000 Amp Wide Jaw True RMS Ampstik Ammeter
    Model 8-024 Wide Jaw High Voltage True RMS Ampstik Ammeter

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  • Unknown says:
    21 November 2016 pukul 04.19

    mohon info ampstik type 8-020XT berapa harganya?

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