Karya Nusatama: Jual Takemura DM-5 series Soil/pH/Moisture

Jual Takemura DM-5 series Soil/pH/Moisture

Relations between Farm Produce and Soil
To Make the soil ideal for absorbing fertilizers it is necessary to neutralize the
soil by compounding neutralizer agents as lime, etc. However, should lime or
other. However, should lime or other property be sprayed in too large quantities,
it causes what we call "dearth of manganese" with the end result that the sol
itself entirely loses its proper property as "soil fertilizer"
In case of spraying lime on the soil, it is most advisable that the soil's hydrogen
ion, or pH be detected first to determine the appropriate quantity of lime needed
for neutralization. To this end it is recommended to use this sample soil pH
tester, for on-the-spot pH detection use. Users never fail to be satisfied with the
By neutralization it means that the soil is made into a condition of pH7 in terms
of hydrogen ion content, but pH7 does not always mean the best condition. The
optimum pH index is more or less different according to the produce involved,
and the respective optimum pH indexes by produce are as per the following
tabulation :
Chart No.1

List of Optimum pH Index for Some Farm Produces :
  • pH 7-8 Barley, Spinach, Sugar Beet, Ground-Nuts, Onion, etc
  • pH 6-7.5 Rye, Wheat, Peas, Sweet Potato, Turnip, Clover, Egg-Plant, Burdock,
  • Tobacco, etc
  • pH 5.5-7 Soya Bean, Rape (cole), Red Bean, Radish, Carrot, Tomato, Corn, etc
  • pH 5-6.5 Rice-Plant, Dry-Land Rice, Potato, Taro, etc 
 To judge f the proper quantity of lime has been sprayed for neutralization,
detection is required to be made about a week after the lime spraying. Volume
of lime to be sprayed for neutralization varies according to quality of the soil
Chart No.2
The quantity of lime needed to raise, by one unit pH index of soil toward Alkali
side or Alkalization (10,700 square feet (990 square meters of 1/4 acre))

1. Being of electric generation system with the earth. no chemical, distilled
water, and/or electric power such as storage battery, etc. is needed.
2. Measuring is most simple, the desired pH index being shown by merely
inserting the meter into soil.
3. The quantity of lime to be applied is readily ascertained.
4. Compact in size, elegant in style and handy to carry.

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