Karya Nusatama: Jual Dekko 705 Soldering Tools

Jual Dekko 705 Soldering Tools

Dekko 705 Soldering & Hot-Air SMD Rework Station

Temperature Controlled:
Temperature controlled for both hot-ait rework and soldering functions. LED temperature display for hot air reworks

SMD Works:
Suitable for soldering and desoldering surface mounted ICs ( SMD) such as QFP, PLCC, SOP, BGA ...etc. Also a perfect combination for soldering and de-soldering. Easy for desoldering plastic components, tail sockets, PCB and shielding cases.

Intelligent Cooling System:
Automatic cooling function, extend the life timme of heating elements and protecting the unit.

Quiet Working Environment:
Low vibration, free noise, keep working environment quiet.

Brushingless Whirlpool Fan:
Using important brushless whirlpool fan and high temperature resistant heating element with sensitive inductor inside the handle for easy operation.

ESD Safe:
Complete ESD safe.


  • Working Voltage: 220Vac
  • Power Consumption ( HOT-AIR) : 700W
  • Power Consumption ( Soldering) : 50W
  • Temperature Setting Range ( HOT-AIR) : 100° - 450° C
  • Temperature Setting Range ( Soldering) : 200° - 480° C
  • Airflow Volume Range: 120 L/ min ( Max) 
  • Air pump System: Brushless Whirlpool Fan
  • Dimensions: 244( L) x187( W) x135( H) mm
  • Weight: 3 Kg
  • Accessories Included: Pick-Up Folk , Nozzle ( A1010, A1124, A1130 Sizes) 

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