Karya Nusatama: Jual FlyMarker Pro Marking System

Jual FlyMarker Pro Marking System

Portable, Handheld, Cordless, Battery-Operated Marking System

The FlyMarker® PRO turns marking of bulky, heavy and stationary work pieces into child's play. Unlike other marking systems, there are no electrical or pneumatic cables that hamper the marking process. Use the FlyMarker® PRO to mark rapidly and efficiently as part of a permanent production process or as a stand-in during downtime or emergency. Almost any material can be marked - from plastics & metals to copper & hardened steel. Here are just a few of the reasons why the FlyMarker® PRO is the world's superior portable marking system:

100% mobile and portable: Only 10 LBS
Durable, tamper-proof markings
Fast and deep markings
Marks Data Matrix Codes
Self-explanatory software
Illuminated marking area
Easy to operate


Marking Area (x/y)
75 x 25 mm, 120 x 25 mm,
75 x 45 mm or 120 x 45 mm

10 LBS

Available Character Heights
2,0 to 24,9 mm or 2,0 to 44,9 mm

Medium spaced lettering similar to DIN 1451
in single dot characters (size 5 x 7 and 9 x 13)
or in a continuous line

Drive of the Marking Pin

Available Characters
Figures 0 - 9
Capital letters A - Z
Small letters a-z
Various punctuation marks
e.g. . ; / , etc.

USB-A, USB-B, Ethernet

Height Compensation
Up to max. 5 mm (constant marking
also on uneven surfaces)

Common Tool Applications

Direct Part Marking
Portable Metal Marking Machine
Dot Marker
Pin Marking
Handheld Part Marking
Industrial Marking
Part Marking
Dot Peen Marking
Stamping Tool
Steel Marking & Engraving
Tool Marking
Marking Tool
Marking Equipment

Industries Served

Machine Tool
Oil & Gas
Heating & Cooling
Renewable Energy
Auto Manufacturing
Tube Forming
Medical Devices

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