Karya Nusatama: SkyScan P5 Storm Detector

SkyScan P5 Storm Detector

The SkyScan lightning detector is the newest high technology weather monitoring product available anywhere in the world. It is a hand-held instrument with an electronic system to detect the presence of lightning/ thunderstorm activity occurring within 40 miles of your location. It uses patented technology ( Full digital microprocessor insuring accuracy and reliability) to determine the distance to the detected stroke. The distances are indicated in four ranges: 0-3 miles ( 0-5 km) , 3-8 miles ( 5-13 km) , 8-20 miles ( 13-32 km) and 20-40 miles ( 32-64 km) .

Since SkyScan allows you to know the level of activity of the storm, it determines if it is moving towards, away or parallel to your position. Each time SkyScan detects a lightning stroke, it emits an audible warning tone ( if this feature has been turned on by the user) and lights the Range Indicator column. The full column stays lit for approximately 3 seconds. This feature allows you to see the distance to the last, closest, detected stroke without waiting for SkyScan to detect a new stroke.

SkyScan Features:

  • Dimensions: 6 " x3 " x1 " Weight apprx. 1lb.
  • Accuracy: State-of-the-art electronics and full digital microprocessor insures accuracy and reliability.
  • Power: SkyScan can be powered by:
  • ( 2) 9V batteries ( not included) Detector will operate approximately 50 continuous hours with full use and approximately 70 continuous hours on battery save mode.
  • 120V AC adaptor ( optional)
  • 220V AC adaptor( optional)
  • 12V cigarette lighter adapter ( optional)
  • Unit has AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF after five hours of continuous operation for extended battery life.

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