Karya Nusatama: Jual Smart Sensor AR936 Digital Hardness Tester

Jual Smart Sensor AR936 Digital Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester AR936 
  • *Adopting Leeb hardness measuring principle, this unit can test the hardness of most metals. 
  • *Large 160*80 lattice LCD display allows complete information and clear reading. 
  • *All English display with menu indication makes the operation easy and convenient. 
  • *Alternative white backlight display and USB plug facilitate the opeation in darkness and communication with PC for data exchange and configuration. 
  • *The main unit is matchable with 7 striking fittings, capable of identifying the striking type automatically, and requires no further calibration after replacement. 
  • *The unit can store up to 500 groups of date(impact times 32~1), in which each group contains information of single value, average value, measuring date, impact direction, impact times, material and hardness unit. 
  • *With presetting of up and low limits, the unit alarm automatically if reading is beyond the limits, which facilitates massive measurement. 
  • *Battery volume icon on LCD indicates the battery power and calibratable with software. 
  • *When using D/DC type impact device for steel material hardness testing, the reading can be displayed directly without consultation of the table. 
  • *Equipped with PC program, this software supports transmission of the measuring results, storage management, statistical analyzing, print and massive parameters setting to ensure higher quality and management. 
  • *Professional and nice outline, smart, portable and reliable performace makes the unit operatable in rough environment, and immune from vibration, striking and elecmagnetic interference. 
  • *4 AA alkaline batteries support continuous operation for more than 50 hrs. And automatical turn off function. 
  • *Product Dimension: 150*80*38mm 

  • -Measuring rang: 170-960HLD 
  • -Repeatability: 6HLD 
  • -Hardness Unit: HL, HB, HRA, HRB, HRC, HS, HV 
  • -Test Direction 360° 
  • -Accuracy: ±6HLD 
  • -Data Store Max: 500 
  • -Display Matrix: LCD (128*64dot) 
  • -Backlight Selection: √ 
  • -LCD Backlight Function: √ 
  • -Low Battery Indication: √

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