Karya Nusatama: Jual Atten PPS3005S Power Supply 30V-5A

Jual Atten PPS3005S Power Supply 30V-5A

• The most economical programmable regulated power supply.
• Being able to replace of mature and simulation power supply in the marker completely.
• Better than normal power supply on precision and stability.
• Offering lot of complex texting condition through computer controlling.
• In order to satisfying quickly swift under different environ ment, we can store output ratings.
• Equipped with multiple protections which only the advanced power supply owns.
• High-resolution, 10mV, 1mA.
• High-stability, low-drift.
• OVP, OCP and OTP to protect power supply.
• Optional : RS-232 / USB.

Technical Specification:

Load RatingVoltage0.01%+3mV ( I ≤ 3A)0.02%+5mV ( I > 3A)
Current0.01%+3mA ( I ≤ 3A)0.02%+5mA ( I > 3A)
Power RatingVoltage0.01%+ 3mV
Current0.01%+ 3mA
Current1mA(2mA when rate current >3A)
Set Accuracy(25±5°C)Voltage≤ 0.1%+20mV
Current≤ 0.5%+5mA(+10mA when rate voltage >3A )
Ripple(20Hz~20MHz)Voltageripple ≤ 1mVrms(≤2mVrms>3A)
Current≤ 3mArms( ≤ 6mA when rate current > 3.0A)
Temperature Coefficient(0~40°C)Voltage300PPm+10mV
Output ResolutionVoltage10mV
Current1mA(2mA when rate current >3A)
Read-back Temperature CoefficientVoltage≤ 300ppm+10mV
Current≤ 300ppm+10mA
DriftVoltage≤ 300ppm+10mV
 Current≤ 300ppm+10mA
InterfaceRS 232(optional), USB interface(optional)

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