Karya Nusatama: JUal Dickson SM325 Display Temperature Data Logger

JUal Dickson SM325 Display Temperature Data Logger

Dickson SM325 Temperature Data Logger Digital Display DUAL Probe K Thermocouple

Display Temperature Data Logger

A large digital display AND a 2 k-thermocouple probes make this temperature data logger a powerful and flexible temperature monitoring tool. The display provides current and min/max readings so you get the information you need without having to download the data. The display gives on site, at a glance information that will save you time.

  • 2-Flexible K-thermocouple temperature probes
  • USB enabled fast downloading
  • Flash memory option for easy data transfer
  • Audio and Visual alarms

Data Logger with Large Display and High Accuracy Probe
  • Alarms : Audible Visual
  • Temperature Range : -50 to 350F, (-45 to 176C)
  • Temperature Accuracy : ±0.5F from -50 to 350F,(±0.28C from -46 to 176C)

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