Karya Nusatama: Jual GE Druck DPI 610 Pressure Calibrator

Jual GE Druck DPI 610 Pressure Calibrator

GE Druck DPI610
Portable Pressure Calibrator

  • Ranges -14.7 to 6,000 psi
  • Up to 10,000 psi available with optional remote sensor
  • Accuracy 0.025% full scale all ranges
  • Integral combined pressure/vacuum pump
  • Dual readout: input and output
  • 4-20mA loop test: auto step and ramp
  • Intrinsically safe (IS) versions available
  • RS232 interface and fully documenting version
  • Remote pressure sensors available

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The technically advanced GE Druck DPI 610 portable pressure calibrators combine practical design with state-of-the-art performance. The GE Druck DPI 610 self-contained, battery-powered packages contain a pressure generator, fine pressure control, device energizing (not IS version), and output measurement capabilities as well as facilities for 4-20mA loop testing and data storage.

In addition, the Druck DPI 610 have rugged weatherproof designs, which are styled such that the pressure pump can be operated and test leads connected without compromising the visibility of the large dual parameter display. The GE Druck DPI-610 pressure calibrators' mA step and ramp outputs and built-in continuity testers extend the capabilities to include the commissioning and maintenance of control loops.

Featuring highly reliable pneumatic and hydraulic assemblies and self-test routines, the GE Druck DPI/610 Series of pressure calibrators can be relied upon time and time again for field calibration in the most extreme conditions. The key to simple operation is the Task Menu. Specific operating modes such as P-I, switch test, and leak test are configured at the touch of a button by menu selection.

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