Karya Nusatama: Jual Isotech ISOCAL-6 Multifunction Calibrator

Jual Isotech ISOCAL-6 Multifunction Calibrator

ISOCAL6 Dry Block Calibrators, Europa, Venus & Calisto

3 Models to choose from covering -45ºC to 250ºC (482ºF)

  • 6 calibrators in 1
  • Liquid baths, infrared, dryblock & ITS-90 fixed points all in one
  • 35mm Calibration Volume
  • ‹±0.3ºC Dry Block Accuracy
  • Fast Heating and Cooling Time

The ISOCAL 6 is the only calibration system in the world (Patent application 9900158.8) to offer you six calibration baths in one product. It is a complete temperature calibration laboratory in one simple easy-to-use package. It is designed to expand with you to fulfill all of your future calibration needs while giving you the flexibility to meet your current budgetary demands.

The ISOCAL 6 can calibrate temperature sensors absolutely or by comparison. It will calibrate contact and non-contact sensors including infrared thermometers, surface sensors, mercury in glass thermometers, as well as thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors of any shape.

There are three different models covering a total temperature range of -45°C to 250°C. The ISOCAL 6 has interchangeable inserts to give you the most flexible calibration system ever, with unprecedented accuracies from ±0.001°C using fixed point cells.
Due to its modular design the Isocal 6 is surprisingly economical consider the wide range of temperature sensors you can calibrate with it. Competitor's product offerings would require you buy 2 or 3 different calibrators!

emperature Ranges AvailableEuropa
-45°C to +140°C
-30°C to +140°C
+45°C to +250°C
Dry Block Accuracy≤0.3°C Throughout entire range
Absolute Stability Over 30 MinutesDry Block Bath
Stirred Liquid Bath
Ice/Water Bath
Blackbody Source
Surface Sensor Calibrator
ITS-90 Fixed Point Apparatus
Computer InterfaceIncluded with Windows Software
Cooling TimeEuropa
140°C to 0°C in 15 min
140°C to 0°C in 15 min
250°C to Amb. in 25 min
Heating TimeEuropa
-30°C to +140°C in 15 min
-30°C to +140°C in 15 min
Amb. to 250°C in 25 min
Display Resolution0.01°C
-19.99 to 99.99
-55 to -20 and 100 to 140.0, (0.01 throughout with software included)
Calibration Volume35mm diameter by 160mm deep
Standard InsertStandard Metal Insert 1/8"; 3/16"; 1/4"; 3/8"; and 1/2" diameter holes, all 6.8" deep
Indicator Units°C, °F, K
300 Watts
150 Watts
300 Watts
Overall Dimensions302mm x 176mm x 262mm (HxWxD)
30.9 lbs (14kg)
22.5 lbs (10.2kg)
17.6 lbs (8kg)

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