Karya Nusatama: Jual HALO I Ammeter |High Voltage Digital

Jual HALO I Ammeter |High Voltage Digital

The HALO is available with either a hook or fork-style sensing head.  There are two models, the HALO I and the HALO II.  The HALO I has a peak-hold mode which stores the reading until the display is reset.  The HALO II includes peak-hold and tracking modes, allowing the user to view continuous changes in current on the display.

Features and benefits:

  • Quickly takes current readings up to 2000 amps on conductors up to 69kV (phase-to-phase)
  • Hook or fork-style sensing heads 
  • Track only or track / peak-hold models available
  • 9V battery powered with auto shut-off
  • Use on overhead or underground applications
  • Take spot-load / phase balancing checks with ease
  • Lightweight and easy to manage on an extension hotstick

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